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From the Ghost Mines wiki. The following applies to both free burning substances, and those suspended in Methanol. To suspend in Methonol, a saturation amount must be left soaking or stirring in Methanol overnight; longer is better. Please note that Methanol is a biotoxin. Long exposure to the fumes has the same effects as drinking, and can cause blindness. Always use in WELL ventilated areas.

A Pyrotechnic colorant is a chemical element which causes a flame to burn with a particular color. These are used to create the colors in fireworks. Some common examples are:

Colour Compound name Chemical formula
Red Strontium nitrateSrNO3
Red Strontium carbonateSrCO3
Orange Calcium chlorideCaCl2
Orange Hydrated calcium sulfateCaSO4(H2O)x*
Gold/Yellow Charcoal powderC
Gold/Yellow Iron powder with carbonFe+C
Gold/Yellow Sodium nitrateNaNO3
Gold/Yellow CryoliteNa3AlF6
Green Barium chlorideBaCl2
Green Barium carbonateBaCO3
Green Barium nitrateBa(NO3)2
Green Barium oxalateBaC2O4
Blue Copper(I) chlorideCuCl
Blue Copper(II) oxideCuO
Blue Copper carbonateCuCO3
Purple Combination of red and blue compoundsSr+Cu
Purple Rubidium compounds (rarely used)Rb
Silver/White Aluminium powderAl
Silver/White Magnesium powderMg
Silver/White Titanium powderTi

The * indicates that the compound will burn orange where x=0,2,3,5.

The color blue is notoriously difficult to produce in fireworks, as the copper compounds need

to burn at a specific temperature for the optimal shade of blue to be produced. Thus, a deep, rich blue is usually viewed as the

mark of an experienced fireworks maker.


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