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Page history last edited by Tedward 11 years, 7 months ago

What is the best way to detox from spinning/breathing?

Many remedies have been suggested from milk thistle, to grapeseeds, to charcoal, but none have been proven effective. The best answer, of course, is to be good to your body and let it do the work itself.


Spinning. The toxic effects of fire spinning are all from inhaled petro-chemical by-products. By the time you feel any issues, you've already fully absorbed the toxins. "Blood purifiers" such as garlic and milk thistle have not been evaluated by the FDA as an effective method for removing toxins, however, some of the chemicals in milk thistle have been confirmed by the AMA to encourage the liver into full functioning. 


Breathing. The biggest threats to fire breathers are accidentally ingesting fuel and unintentionally inhaling unburnt fuel. Depending on the fuel used, ingestion could have a variety of effects: drunkenness (ethanol), nausea (Isopropyl), hemmoraging (toluene), diarrhea (lamp oil). Each problem should be treated differently. However, most emergency wards keep activated charcoal around to absorb or remove these toxins from the stomach. For inhalation, seek medical attention immediately.

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