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Page history last edited by PBworks 14 years, 8 months ago

Flame Temperature Comparisons.


Our first trial at flame temperature comparisons are in, thanks to new editor Krispy.


There were 5 different readings taken on a variety of tools (below) with a laser theremometer.

1) Intial temp was taken from dipped unspun-off poi while lit imeediately and dripping

2) Spinoff temperature was taken once the poi had been spun a bit and were no longer dropping fuel

3) Midburn temp was taken about midburn

4) Endburn temps were taken as the falme began to dim and fade.

5) Fnish temps were taken with the flame freshly extinguished.


Pure White Gas/Medium Speed/2"Cathedral Poi - 210/ 450/ 700/ 500/ 450 (colemans)

Pure Lamp Oil /Medium Speed/ 2"Cathedral Poi - 330/ 485/ 595/ 785/ 335 (Ultrapure)

Pure Lamp Oil /Medium Speed/Spiral Wound Poi- 350/ 450/ 550/ 750/ 340 (ultrapure)


Pure White Gas/Medium Speed/Spiral Wound 2" Staff - 245/ 472/ 700/ 430/ 475 (walmart campfuel)

Pure White Gas/Medium Speed/Spiral Wound 2" staff - 230/ 450/ 675/ 435/ 475 (colemans)

Pure Lamp Oil /Medium Speed/Spiral Wound 2" staff - 330/ 490/ 670/ 495/ 420 (ultrapure)


All Temps are in Farenhiet


More trials and tighter methods to come...


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