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The following are actual questions posed by Nafaa visitors.


  • DuvySide) What side of duvetyne is treated?
  • FlaminKero) Is it okay to redip a flaming tool in Kerosene?
  • WetWicks) Do wicks need to be kept wet with fuel?
  • FlashPoint) What is does the "Flash Point" of a fuel mean?
  • ChainSpinners) Do poi need to have spinners?
  • DetoxySpit) What is the best way to detox from spinning/breathing?
  • VegAndParafinOil) Vegetable oil can protect against paraffin absorption.
  • SafeFuel) Kero is safer to spin than White Gas.
  • FireProof) Fire retardant = fire proof.
  • ToolTravel) Can't travel with used tools.
  • SpinOutTips) Tips for cheap spin-out containers.
  • CokeAndOil) Does Coke really clean you out after breathing lamp oil?
  • FlameTemp) Which flames are hotter?
  • ColoredFuels) Recipies for coloring your flames.
  • LightAging) Sunlight causes wick degeneration



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