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Spin out bottles


Submitted by Tedward


I've often been asked to produce a way to spin out without the fuel hitting the floor or the ground. And though I've tried a number of tricky methods, nothing has managed to seriously contend with my first make-shift standby. Start with a 1 liter bottle. I like using the ones with a wide body, but the same small opening as on the 1/2 liter. Cut a large teardrop shape into the bottle as illustrated:



The crucial points are:

  • make sure the top ring (where the screw top goes) is cut through
  • make the teardrop large enough to fit your wicks inside
  • leave as much bottle as possible, maybe leave a flap
  • avoid enough of the bottom to catch substantial liquid.


To use, just stuff your wet wick in the bottle and thread the chain through the opening at the top. Then, spin vigorously. Use the chain to hold the wick at the top of the bottle and tip. Pour the spun off fuel into the original container and remove you wick. Done.


Works for staves too.


Also, Arby's makes these large drink cups where the lids screw on.


  • Simply cut off the doo-hickey on the top and make a big enough hole to thread your poi handles through.
  • Place the poi heads in the cup with the handles still threaded through the top
  • Screw into place and swing away.


<- MythBusters

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