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Page history last edited by Eric Bagai 11 years, 8 months ago

Vegetable oil can protect against paraffin absorption.

False. In fact quite the reverse is true. In some tests with Mineral oil (same stuff slightly longer carbon chains), the addition of Olive oil was shown to increase the Mineral oil absorption from 2% to 65%. Since the body has no method of handling aliphatic hydrocarbons, the absorbed oils collected in little bubbles between cells and tissues. In the wrong area, these bubbles could interfere with normal bodily functions.


Some performers favor biodiesel right now for their breathing needs, however, the process of making biodiesel involves the residue of typically one of three things: Methanol (can cause blindness), high-normal acid (cellular destruction and oral burns), or vegetable oil. None of these are particularly favorable remnants.



Status: Busted

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