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Page history last edited by Eric Bagai 11 years, 5 months ago

Do wicks need to be kept wet with fuel?


"Also works, assuming all of your hardware is non-corrodible. That's how I stored my first set of wicks, which lasted well over 300 burns."

Some people believe that either keeping your wicks soaking in fuel when not in use, or progressively increasing the burn time during the first burns can increase the life span of your wicks. However, very little comparative evidence exists. For example, two people with the same wicks, purchased or made from the same materials, with the same chain lengths and similar spin styles would have to treat their wicks differently to show some level of scientific data.


Such data should factor out, as much as possible, the following: chain length, speed of spin, material differences, duration of each spin (burn out or put out), frequency of spin (once per night vs once per hour), fuel differences, etc.

The only fortuitous "testing" in this area so far came from a spinner who regularly performed progressive burns on new pairs of wicks. Immediately after breaking in one pair of wicks, one wick was lost and needed to be replaced. The replacement wick did not receive the usual break-in ritual and provided a very similar life span to the wick that had been broken in.


Status: Dubious

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